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Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show! Your Host is Walter Works: Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Professional Wrestling Referee! Walter has a passion for enforcing the rules in the ring & helping others feel better than ever outside of the ring. Having helped countless people, from athletes to senior citizens transform their health, Walter's love for Wellness comes from overcoming his own challenges with infertility, hypertension, diabetes, and depression. Walter is super-passionate about sharing health tips, & pays it forward with The Self-Care Radio Show!

*This is a discussion about Public Health. The content does not include any substitution for medical or professional advice.

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Butter And Yoga.

Walter discusses an article on what to look out for when buying butter. We highlight some healthy butter alternatives. It’s all about the butter. Julio wants to talk about more water-filled foods, so that’s what we do. Also, the yoga pose of the day brings the banana out in all of us, great for knee pain as well. Go figure! Put your headphones on, relax, and lettuce embrace The Self-Care Radio Show. Health is Wealth!

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Hydrate Yourself With Food Too.

So many commercials, none promoting nutrition or preventive health. Walter chats about a news story that discusses eating like an Olympic athlete. Also, three yoga poses for stress relief and weight loss, and we talk about foods that resemble H2O! Stay hydrated this summer with Walter’s snack picks that are full of water! Put your headphones on and get motivated, health is wealth! Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Love Sugar? Go For A Walk.

Walter discusses the benefits of going for a daily walk, the signs that you might be addicted to sugar, and why yoga is a game-changer for grandma and grandpa. Relax for a bit, put the headphones on. Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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The Other Vitamin C Foods.

Walter goes over the other vitamin C foods we never talk about, it’s always oranges, oranges, oranges! Also, three awesome exercises for your friends and family over 60, and why it’s so important to maintain your range of motion. Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Mission: Keep Cholesterol Down.

Walter goes Live! on Sports Entertainment.FM to give the network pointers on lowering cholesterol, and without a doubt- the yoga pose of the day. All this, and a little bit more on this episode of The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Stay Active. Eat Fiber.

Walter talks about the importance of motivating our senior citizen population to stay active. The hard facts about fiber, a few favorite snacks to munch on for greatness, and the yoga pose of the day. Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Fake Tuna Rules The World!

Walter reviews the news that the tuna fish at a major fast food chain has been tested, and deemed fake or not of tuna origin. That’s a fun conversation at the dinner table! Also, the yoga pose of the day! Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Make That Skin Glow!

Walter gives you two yoga poses of the day and quick tips on optimal skin health! Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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Get Downward Dog With Me!

Walter talks a little bit about this show is really about, the big Ronaldo and soda news over the week, the yoga pose of the day, the exercise of the day, and the superfood of the day! So much helpful information in 15 minutes or so! Welcome to The Self-Care Radio Show!

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