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Hello, Mets Fans! Walter grew up in the Tri-State area loving the NY Mets, and now resides in Florida. With NO Citi Field insight, a frustrated Wally is left to ramble about his love for the Metropolitans on the NY Mets Chatterbox! Catch Walter's unique, intense, and analytical analysis on everything Mets! Walter is also joined from time to time and fact-checked by network stats expert, Mets fan, and Tennessee native Tyler. Thank You for tuning into the NY Mets Chatterbox!

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The Mets Lose, but Degrom Wins.

Degrom ties Nolan Ryan’s record for most strikeouts in the first 5 starts of a season! Unfortunatley, the Mets still couldn’t score a run & get another loss. Tyler & Walter are not happy about it. Tune in, it’s the NY Mets Chatterbox!

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Welcome to The NY Mets Chatterbox!

Hello Mets Fans! Welcome to the NY Mets Chatterbox! So check this out, Tyler & Walter have never met each other & live in two different parts of the country, but enjoy ranting & raving about their favorite baseball team, The Amazings! Tyler was born & raised in Tennessee, & Walter grew up in the Tri-State area and now resides in Florida! They love their Mets, and we hope you enjoy their NY Mets Chatterbox!

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