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A die-hard wrestling fan growing up, Walter Works is now a referee having officiated upcoming and current stars in the wrestling business for almost ten years. A business this ref loves, especially after being cannonballed through a table by a four hundred-plus pound athlete, and returning from a severe knee injury- thus ''The Hardcore Ref'' was born! Nowadays, when not enforcing rules in the squared circle or practicing his beloved yoga, Walter delivers The Hardcore Ref Report! A wrestling news show focused on the red & blue brands, offering a unique perspective of what goes on in the ring from the man in zebra stripes! New Episodes, Tuesday and Saturday Mornings! Brought to you by The Wrestling Buddies Podcast on SportsEntertainment.FM

A Quick Report!


This is not a recap, it’s a report! We are reporting that there is a New Women’s Champ, and she is SUPER! Nikki A.S.H. cashes in for the gold! Keith Lee returns, Kross debuts, Goldberg is next, and Cena is all in! It’s The Hardcore Ref Report!

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